Fertilization: We focus on using 100% organic practices. Every lawn and landscape needs certain inputs that some sites don’t provide. Testing the soil and developing a personalized plan for your site is the best way to maximize existing site materials and minimize the inputs we have to incorporate. While new installation of plants and lawns addresses these concerns at the forefront, every lawn can me customized to become organic and sustainable for years and years to come. let our experienced staff evaluate and customize a plan to fit your sites need.

Pruning at appropriate times of the year optimizes your plants blooms, shape, size, and health of your plants which lead to a healthier landscape. Choosing appropriate plant sizes during installation is the best way to minimize the frequency and amount of pruning debris.

Mulching landscape beds with natural organic bark is the best way to reduce evaporation loss, minimize weeds, and add organic matter to the soil. Organic bark includes cedar, red pine and hardwood types or varieties. it also protects plants in the winter.

Core Aeration is a mechanical means to improve your lawn. Plugs of soil are pulled up, loosening the compacted soil and allowing air, water and fertilizer to penetrate to the roots of your grass. Plugs eventually decompose and help regenerate your lawn.

Hardscape Maintenance includes sealing patios, power-washing, edging flagstone patios, or adding sand that has eroded or broken down over time.

Spring & Fall Bed Cleanups include deadheading plants, pruning certain ones, and removing debris to existing compost area or from your site which will keep your plants healthy and looking beautiful year after year.

“Kevin Wheaton has provided me with design, planting and maintenance services all of which exceeded my expectations. Kevin’s education, experience and eco-friendly solutions coupled with his passion and work ethic make Sustainable Landscape Design, LLC., an excellent choice for all of your landscaping and maintenance needs. I am happy to give Sustainable Landscape my highest recommendation.”

James Morrisette
Traverse City

You may have landed upon this page because you are searching for ways to be more eco-friendly or are trying to ‘go green’, but might not know where to begin. There may be some of you who are specifically looking for a landscape designer and would like to know more about what Sustainable Landscape Design has to offer. Regardless of the reason why you are here, we’re so glad that we get this opportunity to tell you a bit more about Sustainable Landscape Design and why we are the ideal firm to help you transform your outdoor space into a beautiful environmentally friendly landscape.

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