Some people think of plants as just trees, shrubs, or perennials but there is much more to them. Plants add life to your home and when properly positioned not only can they accentuate the overall character of your house, but they can also serve as an energy efficiency source by providing shade.

Sustainable Landscape incorporates native plants into every design. Native plants are more drought tolerate, disease resistant and flourish in varied soils, overall making your landscape more sustainable. All plants are installed with the correct soil media to optimize water retention and limit other inputs to the landscape.The creativity of design and the finest hand selected plant material is one of the differences you will see with us.

With these plants we can achieve many objectives that are essential for a great landscape, some of these are texture, height, color, and overall aesthetics. Focusing on all season color is a big part of the design process, so not only are you getting great spring color but through all of the seasons there are plants to brighten your living space.

“Kevin Wheaton has provided me with design, planting and maintenance services all of which exceeded my expectations. Kevin’s education, experience and eco-friendly solutions coupled with his passion and work ethic make Sustainable Landscape Design, LLC., an excellent choice for all of your landscaping and maintenance needs. I am happy to give Sustainable Landscape my highest recommendation.”

James Morrisette
Traverse City

You may have landed upon this page because you are searching for ways to be more eco-friendly or are trying to ‘go green’, but might not know where to begin. There may be some of you who are specifically looking for a landscape designer and would like to know more about what Sustainable Landscape Design has to offer. Regardless of the reason why you are here, we’re so glad that we get this opportunity to tell you a bit more about Sustainable Landscape Design and why we are the ideal firm to help you transform your outdoor space into a beautiful environmentally friendly landscape.

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